30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 10 Parable of the Polygons

30 Edtech Tools in 30 Days

Day 10: Parable of the Polygons Today’s tool is Parable of the Polygons, a playable blog post presented by the brilliant Vi Hart (one of my all-time favorite Math doodlers) and systems storyteller and interactive thing maker, Nicky Case. They have collaborated to create an adorable simulation with an important message about society and how our … Read more

STEM Read Podcast – Episode 2

In case you missed it, episode 2 of the STEM Read Podcast dropped last week. In this episode, we ask the question “What if?” with Hugo award-winning editor,  co-producer and editor of Uncanny Magazine, and all around cool person, Lynne M. Thomas and amazing author Aaron Starmer. Gillian and I did our best to not go completely crazy fangirl over Aaron. … Read more

Start from Scratch #IMMOOC

“If you were to start a school from scratch, what would it look like?” I’ve been tossing this question around in my head all week. It seemed like a somewhat easy question to answer. Every day I am surrounded by amazing educators and policymakers thinking about how to improve education. However, now that it comes … Read more