Pocket Engineer Card Game

Solving problems through creativity and storytelling.

What is Pocket Engineer?

Card game on display

Pocket Engineer is a new card game from HotPinkTech where creativity is your best tool. Use items in your inventory to solve a problem and use your brain to tell the story about how you did it. The most creative thinking and storyteller wins!

Pocket Engineer was designed by HotPinkTech’s founder Dr. Kristin Brynteson as a fun way to get players thinking out of the box. The best stories come from the most creative ways to use the inventory items. Each player holds in their hands a variety of items that they can use to solve the problem scenario. But the game is not simply who can build the best solution, but who can tell the best story about how they solved the problem.

Pocket Engineer is fun for the whole family and a great game for your classroom. Help your students build their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Pocket Engineer is avaiblale on The Game Crafter. It retails from $28.99. Contact us for volume pricing.

Purchase your copy today. Pocket Engineer at The Game Crafter.

Would you like Kristin to come play Pocket Engineer with you? Contact us at hotpinktech@gmail.com to learn more about scheduling a visit or talk.