30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 16 Fireshot

Day 16: Fireshot

Almost every day, I need to capture a screenshot for some type of project. Whether I’m writing a blog post or a user guide or creating a presentation for a workshop, a quick screen capture of a web page helps to enhance my work.

There are many screen capture tools out there such as the incredibly powerful Snagit from Techsmith. However, there are some powerful free tools out there that also do a great job. I have just started using the Chrome extension called Fireshot.

Fireshot is a free tool that allows you to capture full web pages or custom selections. It is available for several different browsers. I use it as a Chrome extension. When I am on a website that I need to capture, I click on the Fireshot icon in my extensions, select the type of screen capture I would like to take, and take my shot. It is fast and easy.

With Fireshot, you can capture an entire page, only the visible part of the page capture a custom selection (my favorite tool). Save your images in different file formats, including a PDF, or send your image to applications such as OneNote or email. Vey handy.

One thing to note, the default file name of your captured image is really long. You are going to want to change the name before you save.

There are more advanced features available in the Pro version. However, I’ve had good luck with the free version.  I have to admit, I’m currently using the 10-day free trial of the pro version. Meh. I miss the simplicity of the free version. I wish I could cancel my trail and go back to the other version. It’s not bad. There are some great features, but I’m not a huge fan of change and my tool has changed. I’m sure that by the end of my trail I will love this version too. (Granted, I’ll still go back to the free version because, you know, its free.)

In short, Fireshot is a useful Chrome extension. Since I added it over a week ago, I have used it every day.

Yes, I have noted the irony that this post is about a screen capture tool and I have not included a single screenshot. So, here you go.

Obligatory Screenshot

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