30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 15 Quizizz

Day 15: Quizizz

Quizizz is a free online quiz tool perfect for classroom assessments, games, and more. There are so many online, game-based assessment tools out there. Kahoot!, Socarative, Quizlet, to name a few. Each one has their own pros and cons that set them apart. Quizizz and Kahoot! are my two go-to tools. We’ll talk about Kahoot! in a separate post.

Quizizz just launched some new updates and I really like them. Their newly designed website is clean and easy to use. Great updates.

Using Quizizz is easy. Log-in with your Google account or use any email to get started. Search for public quizzes created by the community or start from scratch and create your own custom quiz. There are tons of pre-made quizzes to choose from. Use them as is or edit them to add your own questions.

Search for Quizzes
The new Quizizz website. Clean and easy to use.

Here are a few of my favorite features from the new Quizizz.

  • Search for public quizzes using keywords or the new subject buttons.
  • Easy to create custom quizzes.
  • Create your own mems or choose an available meme set, to display for right and wrong answers (These are super cute! Because, you know, memes!)
  • Share your quizzes or keep them private.
  • Organize your quizzes into collections.
  • No student log-ins are needed to play, just a code.
  • Play the quiz live or assign it to homework.
  • Works on multiple devices and platforms.
  • Shuffle questions and answers when you play.
  • View reports on student performance. See class average, performance per question, and individual performance.
  • Email individual reports to parents.
  • Download data into Excel for further analysis.
One of my custom memes.

As mentioned above, one of my favorite features is the custom meme designer. After students answer a question they receive feedback (correct or incorrect) as a meme. You can use the pre-designed memes or create your own set with your own images. What a great way to personalize the quiz for your class. Take a picture of each student cheering and frowning. Use these as your own custom memes. So much fun!

I’ve also used Quizizz for a live trivia game during an open house. It is a fun way to engage adults, too. They are just as competitive as kids.

Quizizz can make formative assessments easy to create and share and super fun to take! It is an excellent tool for gathering usable data on student understanding or, just play for fun!

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