Word of the Year 2023

Welcome 2023! Last night we said goodbye to the year that was 2022. Today we welcome a new year with new possibilities, challenges and promises. It has become my yearly tradition to focus on one word to guide my journey through the new year. It is time for a new word. But first, let’s take a look at the past word.

Last year was supposed to be the year of Easy. Instead, I feel like it was the year of hard. At first reflection I feel like I really messed up the year of easy with too many hard things. At times, it felt like 2022’s word should have been “ugh”. However, when I actually step back, think about what I wanted out of the year of easy, and re-read my 2022 Word of the year post, I didn’t do too bad. In 2022 I was supposed to Be Easy (not over complicate things), Go Easy (not be a jerk), and Take it Easy (slow down and take some time). As hard things happened, I did what I could to be easy, go easy and take it easy.


So, what is the word that will be the focus of 2023? I tried on several words over the past few days to see what really fit. What was going to be my grounding and guiding mantra for the next 365 days? I experimented with Quiet and Simple. Both captured the continued need for ease and calm but neither captured a drive or purpose. I tried out Hard and Strong but each of them seemed too solid or individualistic. After much thought, I have landed on the word Harmonize.

2023 – Harmonize

Why Harmonize?

I was thinking about my roles and goals for the upcoming year. I’m a parent of adult kids with aging parents of my own. My husband and I are thinking about what our next stage of life looks like. I’m also a team leader and educator. As for my goals? Well, I’ve thought long and hard about my why? Why do I do what I do? In short, I want to empower people. I want to encourage them and support them as they be their best. From my own kids to the students I work with and the team I lead, I want to help people be successful no matter how they define success. I also want to find balance in my professional and personal life.

I also think I’ve been watching too much musical theater lately. (If you have not watched Matilda the Movie yet, go do it. Tim Minchin is a freaking genius!) As a former theater kid and lover of musicals and music, I love it when a single voice takes over the stage and moves you. When a powerful lead takes center stage and makes you cry, it is an incredible experience. However, there is something magical when the ensemble sings together and shakes the rafters with their combined song. An amazing group of different yet incredible voices come together in perfect harmony. Each voice is different and adds something special. They blend to make something new and amazing. The uniqueness of each combines and aligns to create something the individual voice could not do on their own. That magic was the inspiration for Harmonize.

To harmonize is to blend, combine, align, merge, correlate, coordinate, and fuse. My goal this year is to harmonize the different aspects of my life. Align all the pieces and combine the efforts to create something unique and amazing. I want to harmonize with those around me as well as help others come together and see how their unique talents, ideas, and skills can contribute to something greater. This will not be easy but I believe, it will be worth the effort. So, join me for the year of Harmonize as we make something beautiful together.

Happy New Year from HotPinkTech!

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