Learn to Code as You Create Original Music with EarSketch

There are many different creative ways to introduce students to the joys of coding. Today we explore a web-based tool that connects coding to music production – EarSketch. EarSketch was created by a team from Georga Tech and combines music composition with learning how to code in JavaScript or Python.  I did a little bit … Read more

Connect with Ease using Talky

From Google Hangouts to Skype to Zoom and everything in between, there are many different ways to connect with others online. Most of them are feature packed and great tools. Sometimes, however, you just want a simple tool that will let you connect with someone online without having to exchange usernames or other information. Talky by … Read more

30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 21 StoryCorps

30 Edtech Tools in 30 Days

Day 21: StoryCorps I discovered StoryCorps about five years ago while wandering through the Chicago Cultural Center. I was with an old friend and we both stopped to examine the small recording booth, intrigued by its warm lights and cozy interior. “I have stories to tell,” He said to me with a sigh. Then asked, “Do you … Read more

30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 14 Tabletop Audio

30 Edtech Tools in 30 Days

Day 14: Tabletop Audio Nothing sets the right mood quite like the right music, or just the right mix of war drums, blade scrapes, feet scuffles and battle cries. If you are looking for the perfect sound backdrop for your next adventure, look no further than Tabletop Audio. Tabletop Audio is an award-winning online catalog … Read more