My Favorite Home Workout YouTube Channels

A small change of pace on the Hot Pink Tech blog. I’m normally writing about technology tools or learning strategies. But today, I want to share something different. This year I kicked off the Year of Less. This year I am reducing the nonessentials in my life and focusing on what’s important. Less but Better. Part of my goals for this year is to get healthy by eating less junk food and moving more. So I went on the hunt for ways I could workout at home without spending a lot of time and money. I found several YouTube channels that offer challenging and fun workouts for free. These videos have kept me on track and working out at least 5 days a week in the comfort of my own home…and down about 15 pounds. Yay me!

Fast forward three months. The world has turned upsidedown. We are all inside, practicing social distancing and doing what we can to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe. So, in an effort to help all of my readers out there who find themselves home and unable to go to a gym or workout in their normal places, I figured I’d share my favorite fitness Youtube channels for keeping active. I look for workouts that are fun, fast-paced, and challenging but have modification options. Most of the ones I choose last for about 30 minutes. Perfect for a morning workout. I have gravitated to a few favorite channels that I mix and match during the week. Here are my favorite four. So, put on your active gear, grab some water and a towel, and get moving!

Body Project

Body Project has a great mix of low impact cardio, strength training, and interval training videos. They are my go-to channel for high-intensity cardio. The 30 minute workouts go really fast and I am dripping by the end. There is enough variety that I don’t get bored doing the same workout over and over. If you are just getting started, they have a nice selection of beginner and low impact workouts too. This morning I did an advance fat burning HIT cardio 30-minute workout – 60 seconds on with a 30-second rest. It kicked my butt. I’m still feeling it.

Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness is another channel that has a LOT of different workouts available. I have not explored all of them. I stick mostly to the 30 minute full-body strength training workouts like the killer shown above or some of the workouts on the Dance Fit Sugar Playlist. One of my favorites is the Hip-Hop Tabata. Popsugar also has some great Zumba and Zumba strong videos as well. Another great channel that will keep you sweating.

The Fitness Marshall

I am totally in love with Caleb Marshall and his channel The Fitness Marshall. Sometimes I just want to break out the funk and dance like no one is watching. (Lucky for me my family is not up at 5:00 am so I can shake it like I mean it!) The Fitness Marshall delivers with chart-topping hits, moves you could take straight to the club, and an attitude that does not quit. He and his crew always bring a smile to my face. You won’t even realize you are working out. Just have fun with it!

Yoga with Adriene

After several days of high-intensity workouts (or stress-filled days of life), I need to breathe and find my center. Yoga with Adriene is the perfect channel to help me find my calm. She has a yoga practice for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a calming practice, one for weight loss, one for back pain, or a sequence to help you start your day, she has a video that will meet your needs. I love that she has playlists organized by length of practice. Sometimes I just need a quick 10-minute sequence while other times I’m looking for a deep 45-minute stretch. She even has a 30-day yoga journey series. I love some of her videos for things like Yoga for when you are stuck, Yoga for writers, and Yoga for Brain Power. For days like today, Yoga for Stress Melt sounds delightful!


So, there you have it. My four favorite channels for home workouts. They are free, fun, and energizing. They have helped me stick with my goal to move more and sit less.

What are your favorite workout channels or tips for staying active while at home? Share in the comments.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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