Hot Pink Tech Talk – Flipgrid!

I’ve been wanting to try Flipgrid ever since I found them at ISTE back in June.  (You can read more about my favorite ISTE finds in this past post.) I teach a lot of professional development workshops about several different tech and STEAM topics. It has always bothered me that I do not have an engaging way to stay connected to all of the teachers I meet at these workshops. I also wanted to find a way to connect them to each other. After seeing the Flipgrid demo at ISTE and doing some further exploration, it seemed like this just might be the tool I was looking for. To test my hypothesis, I figured why not try it out with all of you and start a conversation.

So, (drum roll please) welcome to the very first Hot Pink Tech Talk! Whoo hoo! Give it a try and respond to the question below.

This was SUPER easy to set up. I signed up for a free account and it took no time at all to create a grid that is ready to share. The hardest part was recording the video. Not because the process was complicated but because I really don’t like watching videos of myself. I know, super surprising, right? Once I got past my personal issues, the tool itself was a cinch. I had my first topic ready to go in no time.

As I mentioned, I am using the free account. With the free account, I can have one grid with unlimited topics. For right now, I’m good with that. You have the option to upgrade to the classroom version for $65 a year. This gives you the ability to manage multiple grids and allows participants to respond to each other. There are some additional features of the Classroom version that would be very useful if I was using this with students as part of a class. However, for an informal online discussion tool, the free version should be sufficient.

For more ideas on how to use Flipgrid in the classroom, check out CoolCatTeacher’s podcast – Flipgrid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners.  Or check out Ditch that Texbook’s post on Catching Flipgrid Fever!

Time to start a conversation. Follow the link above and leave a response. Tweet about this or share it and let’s see if we can get a good conversation going. If this works well, Hot Pink Tech Talk might just become a regular feature.

Are you using Flipgrid in your classroom? Share in the comments – or better yet – share on the grid!

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