Create Interactive Stories with Sutori

Sutori: Visual Storytelling

Are you looking for a new tool for creating interactive stories or visual presentations? Give Sutori a try.

Sutori is a web-based tool for creative timelines or storylines using your own content and online content or media. You can add quizzes and discussion forums to make your stories interactive.


There are multiple tiers of pricing. The free version allows you to create simple stories using text and images. For $99 a year, you add a lot of functionality such as embedded content, interactive quizzes, and data collection.

Sample Story

Below is a sample I created in about 15 minutes. I’m using the free 30-day trial of the Unlimited version. Once you use the Unlimted version, it might be hard to lose the functionality once the trial is over.

My sample story should be embedded below. However, it might show up as just a link. (This could be an embed issue on my end.)

Classroom Ideas

Sutori has many classroom uses for both you and your students. If you or your students are creating timelines, Sutori is definitely a tool to check out. However, this is more than a timeline tool and has other classroom applications.

Paid Version

  • Create guided units or lessons. Curate all your content onto one storyline. Students can move through at their own pace.
  • Have students create Sutori stories instead of a typical presentation or report. Have them incorporate found or self-created media such as videos or infographics.
  • Create a collaborative storyline as part of a teacher book study. Curate additional resources that relate to the book content.

Free Version

If you are not ready for the paid version, you can still use this unique storytelling tool.

  • Use instead of traditional presentation tools.
  • Create a Year-at-a-Glance timeline for Open House or Curriculum Night.
  • Create a Year-in-Review Story to share with your parents. Include images and student quotes.
  • Have students create story summaries.
  • Have students create their own stories using their own images. Either individually or collaboratively.
  • Explore the user-created content by subject. Search for content on this page.

Find more info on their Teacher Page.


As with all web-based tools you use with students, be sure to read through the privacy statements. You can keep your stories private or you can share them using multiple methods.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Embed content from your other favorite tools such as EdPuzzle, Thinglink, Quizlet, Google Maps, Flipgrid and more.
  • Add interactive elements including quiz questions and discussion questions.
  • Integrate with Google Classroom or you create your own classes with student rosters.
  • Monitor student data and engagement.
  • Gallery of user-created content.
  • Extensive support resources on the Help Page.


  • Limited features on the free version (but $99/year is not bad for the amount of functionality it adds).

Sutori is a powerful storytelling tool that has a lot of classroom potential. Give the free 30-day trial a try and see what you think.

Are you already using Sutori?  How are you using it? Share in the comments.

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