30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 26 VideoNot.es

Day 26: VideoNot.es

If you use videos in your classroom in any way, you need to check out VideoNot.es. VideoNot.es is an open source notetaking tool that integrates into Google Drive.

VideoNot.es Welcome Screen
To begin, load a video.

Load any online video into VideoNot.es and takes notes as you watch. Your video notes are time-stamped and synced to the video.

Time stamped notes synced with the video
Video notes are synced and time-stamped.

Notes are saved into your Google Drive for easy access and sharing. They can also be shared or exported into Evernote.

Key Features

There are several features that make VideoNot.es a tool worth exploring for your classroom.

  • Simple video upload. All you need is a URL. (Note when using YouTube –  I first tried to use the URL from Share but it did not load. I had to copy the URL in the navigation bar and then it loaded perfectly.)
  • Adjust the video speed to slow down or speed up the video as you watch.
  • Notes synced with video. If you edit your notes, you automatically jump back to that point in the video.
  • Save notes so you can review, edit, or add later.
  • Easy to use with no training.
  • Share your notes with others.
VideoNot.es Support Screen
Support Screen

Since VideoNot.es is an open source tool, I did not expect much in the way of support. However, they do have a Feedback and Support button that leads you to their Knowledge Base. It contains some good tutorial videos and articles on how to use VideoNot.es. You can also leave feedback or browse active discussions.

Classroom Connections

There are so many different ways you can use VideoNot.es in your classroom.

Teacher Uses
  • Take notes on videos you share with your students to highlight key ideas or draw attention.
  • Write reflection or comprehension questions and sync them to specific points in the video.
  • Use as an assessment tool and share feedback on student-created videos.
Student Uses
  • Turn watching assigned videos from passive “Sit and Get” into active listening. They can share their notes with you so you can assess comprehension.
  • Make it easier to incorporate videos into research. Students select their own videos and take notes that support their research.
  • Support collaborative video editing. If student teams are producing videos, they can watch rough cuts and share production notes.
  •  Promote active questioning. Students watch assigned video and use VideoNot.es to capture thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Use VideoNot.es anytime you want students to engage with videos on a deeper cognitive level. VideoNot.es is an easy to use notetaking tool that can promote active listening skills. Use with your students or for your own video watching needs.

For more video tools check out my past posts on Edpuzzle and Adobe Spark Video.


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