30 Tools in 30 Days: Day 22 EDpuzzle

Day 22: EDpuzzle

Videos are an excellent instructional tool and the internet is filled with high-quality videos for all age levels and subject areas. However, watching a video can be a passive activity. Just because a student watched a video does not mean they understood it. EDpuzzle is a wonderful web-based tool that allows you to add interactivity and assessments to your video library.

Add comprehension checks to any video.

With EDpuzzle, you can curate videos from your favorite video sites such as YouTube, Kahn Academy, Crash Course, or TED Talks, and turn them into lessons with integrated quizzes. Using the EDpuzzle creation tool you can select a video, trim it, add narration, and add formative assessments throughout to check for student understanding.

Assign your lessons to your students by creating classes that include a class roster and gradebook so you can track students’ progress as they watch the content. EDpuzzle also integrates into Google Classroom.

Student view of your video.

As your students watch the video, they are presented with your questions. To continue watching, they must answer the questions. Their responses are recorded in your gradebook so you can see if your students understand the concepts from the video.

All your videos are saved in your content library. From your library, you can share your content with other educators in your school or make it public for all educators to discover.

School Video-Library

The newest addition to the EDpuzzle environment is the School Video-Library. Now you can search through hundreds of curated lessons for elementary, middle grades and high school. Saving you time. In addition to the Video Library, EDpuzzle also provides a My School channel for videos created and curated by your colleagues.

Categories of Middle-Grade Video Lessons


Collection of Geometry Videos for Middle-Grades

EDpuzzle is the perfect way to flip your classroom and track your student learning. Whether you created your own videos or chose from the vetted library of pre-made lessons, EDpuzzle is an excellent tool for integrating videos into your classroom. Best of all – it is free. Yay for free!

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