Hot Pink Tech Talk – Flipgrid!

Tech Talk

I’ve been wanting to try Flipgrid ever since I found them at ISTE back in June.  (You can read more about my favorite ISTE finds in this past post.) I teach a lot of professional development workshops about several different tech and STEAM topics. It has always bothered me that I do not have an engaging … Read more

Everything I Know about Leadership I Learned from Being a High School Cheerleader

Tips and advice on being a good leader are everywhere. Over the last few months I have been in many meetings about it and have read multiple articles outlining effective leadership frameworks and exploring the virtuous traits of a strong yet fair leader. Articles such as this one from Inc. Magazine on the seven things … Read more

Review: The Punch Escrow

Just picked up this book, Or should I say downloaded it, yesterday. So far I like the witty humor and the science talk. I even find myself enjoying the footnotes (typically something I skip but these are great). I’m only about 30% through but so far I think it is a great read. Don’t just … Read more

Going Social without Going Crazy – Part 1

The real name of this post should be Confessions of an eHoarder. Why? Well, because I am an ehoarder. I spend a good deal of my free time combing through the internet exploring, discovering, and collecting information. There is a lot of great stuff out there. So much, that it can be very overwhelming. So … Read more